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Where positive career change and achieving work-life balance begins...
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Business or executive coaching focuses on solving problems in the workplace; while life coaching, or personal coaching, deals with emotions, values, and relationships.

Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — Business & Personal Coach

Ask the Coach: Read Dr. Angelini's biweekly column in The Saratogian.

The Smarter Approach

Where positive career change and achieving work-life balance begins.
With Dr. Ray Angelini

Does one of these situations sound like you?

Dr. Raymond Angelini, Professional Coach
  • I'm a corporate professional and I've realized there is no room for advancement within my organization and I need to find a new position. I'm not sure how to get started, but I'd love to leverage my skills into a better job.
  • I come from a long history of doctors (or lawyers) in my family. So that's what I did. And now, I hate to admit, I feel I never had a choice in my career and I want to do something different.
  • I own my own business and I feel like a slave to work demands. My family hardly sees me (they say work owns me!). I'd love to restructure how I work but I always end up micromanaging, despite my best intentions.

If so, then please click on the icon below that most represents your situation and let's see if I can help.

Corporate Professionals Doctors and Lawyers Business Owners
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Doctors and
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Dr. Ray Angelini - Business and Life Coach

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Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — New Horizons Coaching, P.C.

Business & Personal Coach and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

648 Maple Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
phone 518.583.2679 ][ fax 518.583.1913


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