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The greatest joy in life is knowing what our dreams are and daring to live them!

Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — Business & Personal Coach


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Seek Inner Peace in 2002

By Dr. Ray Angelini

The Saratogian
December 23, 2001

Dr. Ray Angelini

Dear Readers,

It is only fitting that as this column is so near Christmas, I present it as my gift to you. It is called the 10 Steps to Success and Inner Peace, and its author is Dr. Wayne Dyer, world-renowned psychologist and spiritual teacher.

I felt truly gifted when I received these, and I hope that if you feel the same way, you will pass them on to others and likewise gift them! Thank you for your support, and may this holiday season and the coming year bring you and yours much joy and happiness.

  1. Have a mind that is open to everything, but is attached to nothing.

    If our mind is closed, we cannot benefit from new ideas and possibilities that exist all around us. By clinging to old and perhaps dysfunctional ways of thinking and acting, we don't leave room in our life for new energy and new ideas to take root. So the message here is that we need to let go of the old to create space for the new.

  2. You can't give away what you don't have.

    While this is rather self-evident, it is especially so in the spiritual realm. If we want to bring peace and joy to others, we must first possess them ourselves, otherwise we are not capable of giving or receiving with integrity. Therefore, if your mission in life is to bring love to the world, make sure you have a sufficient supply!

  3. There are no justified resentments.

    This is a very difficult one for most people. However, it is one of the most important of the 10 principles. Resentments always end up hurting us more than those we are resenting. Someone once said that resentment is like the venom that is injected from a snakebite. Nobody dies from the bite, they die from letting the venom circulate in their system too long. Stop poisoning yourself!

  4. Don't die with your music still in you!

    We all have our own unique song to sing and our mission to accomplish. The greatest joy in life is knowing what our dreams are and daring to live them! Thoreau once said, "Our truest life is when we are in our dreams, awake!" Dare to live your dreams!

  5. Embrace silence.

    In our fast-paced, noisy world, silence is certainly at a premium. By embracing silence on a regular basis through prayer, meditation, etc., we create the opportunity to center ourselves and get in touch with that small, still voice within us that represents our deepest wisdom and truth. We all need to turn down the noise in our lives and tune into truth and wisdom on a regular basis to maintain our spiritual and emotional balance.

  6. Give up your personal history.

    All too often, people are so caught up in their past that they have little or no energy to live in the present. We need to embrace our history and then release it. As a ship moves through the water, the wake is a trail that is left behind — it doesn't drive the boat!

  7. You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

    Again, as in the first principle, we need to keep our mind open to new and better ways of doing things. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Don't be insane!

  8. Treat yourself as if you were already who you'd like to become.

    We are all "works in progress!" Respect and honor your progress of "becoming" and your destination will seem nearer.

  9. Treasure your divinity.

    We are a divine creation; there are no accidents. Carl Jung once said, "The most telling thing about a person is their relationship to the infinite." We must remember that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings having a spiritual experience!"

  10. Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.

    What we think about expands. The energy to create what we want is in our thoughts. This energy becomes a problem only when we choose to project it in a negative way. We tend to get what we expect. Dare to expect the very best for yourself, then watch what happens!

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