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Coaching is a relatively new profession that began to develop approximately 10 years ago. Coaching is a body of knowledge, a technology and a style of relating that focuses on the developing of human potential.

Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — Business & Personal Coach

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Archive of Coaching Articles — 2001

Published in The Saratogian

Seek Inner Peace in 2002

It is only fitting that as this column is so near Christmas, I present it as my gift to you. It is called the 10 Steps to Success and Inner Peace, and its author is Dr. Wayne Dyer, world-renowned psychologist and spiritual teacher.

Focus on "Critical inch" Is Key

I admire you for paying attention to your intuition. While it is true that many businesses are off due to the current recession, there are usually other factors that are also at work when business takes a sudden downturn. One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard regarding running a business came from Dr. Richard Carlson, the author of many books, including Don't Worry, Make Money.

Perks Help Retain Employees

Retaining good employees is always a challenge, especially given the current economic climate. The first thing that I would recommend is to share the results of good work in some tangible way. Bonuses and other rewards need to be linked to results so that employees know that they are being rewarded for their unique contribution.

Fostering Teamwork Is a Wise Investment

Creating synergy and cohesiveness among your employees is without a doubt one of your most important responsibilities as a manager. First, it is important that you and your team co-create a large enough vision. If the goal isn't larger than the individual personalities of the team members, the team's effectiveness and productivity will suffer.

We Must Embrace Love, Not Fear

In the wake of the terrible tragedy that occurred a week ago today (9/11), I thought it would be appropriate to deviate from the normal format of this column and instead share with you some of my thoughts and feelings regarding what we all witnessed last week.

Communication Key to Handling Problem Employees

First, it is important to recognize that problem employee behavior usually has a history. It typically develops over time and seldom stems from a single incident. It is your responsibility as a manager to be alert to any early warning signs and deal with the underlying causes before the situation reaches a crisis level.

Coaching, Psychotherapy Very Different Things

Coaching is a relatively new profession that began to develop approximately 10 years ago. Coaching is a body of knowledge, a technology and a style of relating that focuses on the developing of human potential.

Business Plan a Roadmap to Future

Writing an effective business plan is one of the most important steps you will take in starting your new business. It will serve as a roadmap for your company's growth and help you set goals and targets as well as help you determine the steps you need to take on your journey to success.

Self-Discipline Needed to Work from Home

Many people have opted out of the office scene and are choosing to work at home. However, working at home presents certain challenges that you don't encounter when working at the office. The three greatest challenges are self-discipline, minimizing distractions and keeping things interesting and exciting.

Your Business Is Not Your Life

Your business and your life are totally separate. You need to change your thinking to recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business, but rather the purpose if your business is to serve your life.

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