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Successful networking is about building relationships. As in any relationship, it is far more important to give than to receive.

Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — Business & Personal Coach

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Archive of Coaching Articles — 2004

Published in The Saratogian

We Cannot Rely on Pro Athletes as Role Models

I, too, am concerned about the example professional athletes set. We as parents have a tremendous responsibility to model attitudes and behavior for our children that are downright counter-cultural. If we expect our children to display good sportsmanship, we cannot rely on professional athletes as role models, but must model that behavior ourselves.

Overcoming Ego Is the Key to Spiritual Growth

In our ever more secularized world, with its increased emphasis on our appearance, our achievements, and our possessions, it has become increasingly more difficult to live a spiritually-based life. In my experience, the biggest obstacle to leading a more spiritual life is our ego.

The Twelve Pillars of Success

It is always a privilege and honor to provide words of hope and inspiration at this special time. I hope that your daughter can apply and utilize them to have a truly successful and fulfilling life.

Proper Mental Diet Key to Well-Being

Much research has been done on how what we experience through our senses affects our mental and physical well-being. Results from numerous studies have shown that our immune system is directly impacted by what we experience through our senses.

Showing a Spiritual Path by Example

I firmly believe that we are all born with a belief in a power greater than ourselves. It may not have a name or a face, and we may not even refer to it as God, but it is present nonetheless. There are many spiritual paths, but I have found that the path to spirituality must be one of attraction rather than coercion.

The Paradox of Parenthood

Being a father of four has been without a doubt the greatest learning experience in my entire life. Before I had children, I couldn't imagine life with them, now that I have them, I can't imagine life without them. Children will require a great deal of your time, talent and energy, but what you will receive in return will far exceed anything that you put out.

Career Decisions: Choose a Vocation, Not a Job

Your choice of career will be one of the most important decisions that you make in your life, so it is important that you choose well. Our work should be much more than what we do in order to make money.

Solving Money Issues Is Key to Prosperity

We live in a society in which money can rule our lives if we let it. So much of our energy is spent on worrying about, earning, and spending money that it is easy to see how it can assume a place of central importance in our lives. Yet, money has very little to do with what truly makes our lives worthwhile.

Keys to Successful Business Networking

Successful networking is about building relationships. As in any relationship, it is far more important to give than to receive. Thus, your attitude toward your involvement in the chamber of commerce or the leads group will dramatically affect the success of your networking.

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