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There is hardly any company or success-driven individual in business who wouldn't benefit in some way from a well-managed course of executive coaching.

Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — Business & Personal Coach

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Coaching Articles

Ray writes regularly for The Saratogian newspaper on topics affecting life and career. Below are links to recent articles online that may be of interest to visitors.

~ 2008 ~

Ray's New Blog:  http://www.take5moment.com/blog/blog-guest-ray.html

~ 2007 ~

Ten Steps to Life & Business Success

As business coach, I am always being asked by my clients how to run their businesses more efficiently. I have always stressed to my clients the importance and primacy of personal success preceding business success.

The Real Secret Behind The Secret

As I'm sure many of you are aware, the book and the DVD The Secret have taken this country by storm. While it has been out several years, The Secret, like many other things, seemed to reach critical mass when it was featured on Oprah. Those of you who read my column regularly are very aware of my views regarding the power of our thoughts.

Ten Practices That Can Dramatically Change Your Life

A wise man (or woman) once said that "We teach what we most need to learn." In that vein, I wanted to once again share with you some spiritual wisdom that has been truly life-altering for me.

Striking a Balance: Achieving Happiness & Success as a Dual-Career Couple

In the past two decades, we have experienced dramatic changes in the way we view careers and relationships. I believe that the greatest challenge for most couples has been how to balance the demands of career and relationships in order to achieve a fulfilling and economically viable life.

Character Key to Choosing Life That Matters

The issue of character, or lack of it, has been very prominent in the news lately. Recently, I was sent apiece that touched me very deeply. The author is Michael Josephson, and I believe he speaks to the heart of many in terms of what it means to live a life of strong character, deep meaning, and amazing integrity.

Forgiveness Is the Key to Inner Peace

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a workshop conducted by Gary Renard, who is a teacher of the Course in Miracles. Much of the focus of the workshop was on forgiveness. Forgiveness is a very challenging issue in today's world.

Goal Setting Is an Inside Job

With the New Year underway, many of you are probably struggling with setting and keeping new goals for yourself. The biggest problem that I encounter with my clients in goal-setting is that they are most often too focused on setting external goals such as losing weight, making more money, etc. In my experience, the key to setting and successfully achieving your goals is shifting your focus from the external to the internal.

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Raymond F. Angelini, Ph.D. — New Horizons Coaching, P.C.

Business & Personal Coach and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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